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Tags input


The tags input component allows you to interact with a list of tags.

By default, tags are stored in JSON:

use Filament\Forms\Components\TagsInput;
Tags input

If you're saving the JSON tags using Eloquent, you should be sure to add an array cast to the model property:

use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;
class Post extends Model
protected $casts = [
'tags' => 'array',
// ...

Filament also supports spatie/laravel-tags. See our plugin documentation for more information.

Comma-separated tags

You may allow the tags to be stored in a separated string, instead of JSON. To set this up, pass the separating character to the separator() method:

use Filament\Forms\Components\TagsInput;

Autocompleting tag suggestions

Tags inputs may have autocomplete suggestions. To enable this, pass an array of suggestions to the suggestions() method:

use Filament\Forms\Components\TagsInput;

Defining split keys

Split keys allow you to map specific buttons on your user's keyboard to create a new tag. By default, when the user presses "Enter", a new tag is created in the input. You may also define other keys to create new tags, such as "Tab" or " ". To do this, pass an array of keys to the splitKeys() method:

use Filament\Forms\Components\TagsInput;
->splitKeys(['Tab', ' '])

You can read more about possible options for keys.

Adding a prefix and suffix to individual tags

You can add prefix and suffix to tags without modifying the real state of the field. This can be useful if you need to show presentational formatting to users without saving it. This is done with the tagPrefix() or tagSuffix() method:

use Filament\Forms\Components\TagsInput;

Tags validation

You may add validation rules for each tag by passing an array of rules to the nestedRecursiveRules() method:

use Filament\Forms\Components\TagsInput;
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