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Replicate action


Filament includes a prebuilt action that is able to replicate Eloquent records. You may use it like so:

use Filament\Actions\ReplicateAction;

If you want to replicate table rows, you can use the Filament\Tables\Actions\ReplicateAction instead:

use Filament\Tables\Actions\ReplicateAction;
use Filament\Tables\Table;
public function table(Table $table): Table
return $table
// ...

Excluding attributes

The excludeAttributes() method is used to instruct the action which columns should be excluded from replication:


Customizing data before filling the form

You may wish to modify the data from a record before it is filled into the form. To do this, you may use the mutateRecordDataUsing() method to modify the $data array, and return the modified version before it is filled into the form:

->mutateRecordDataUsing(function (array $data): array {
$data['user_id'] = auth()->id();
return $data;

Redirecting after replication

You may set up a custom redirect when the form is submitted using the successRedirectUrl() method:


If you want to redirect using the replica, use the $replica parameter:

use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;
->successRedirectUrl(fn (Model $replica): string => route('posts.edit', [
'post' => $replica,

Customizing the replicate notification

When the record is successfully replicated, a notification is dispatched to the user, which indicates the success of their action.

To customize the title of this notification, use the successNotificationTitle() method:

->successNotificationTitle('Category replicated')

You may customize the entire notification using the successNotification() method:

use Filament\Notifications\Notification;
->title('Category replicated')
->body('The category has been replicated successfully.'),

Lifecycle hooks

Hooks may be used to execute code at various points within the action's lifecycle, like before the replica is saved.

use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;
->before(function () {
// Runs before the record has been replicated.
->beforeReplicaSaved(function (Model $replica): void {
// Runs after the record has been replicated but before it is saved to the database.
->after(function (Model $replica): void {
// Runs after the replica has been saved to the database.

Halting the replication process

At any time, you may call $action->halt() from inside a lifecycle hook, which will halt the entire replication process:

use App\Models\Post;
use Filament\Notifications\Actions\Action;
use Filament\Notifications\Notification;
->before(function (ReplicateAction $action, Post $record) {
if (! $record->team->subscribed()) {
->title('You don\'t have an active subscription!')
->body('Choose a plan to continue.')
->url(route('subscribe'), shouldOpenInNewTab: true),

If you'd like the action modal to close too, you can completely cancel() the action instead of halting it:

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