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Build a Custom Form Layout
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Dan Harrin
Dan Harrin

View components

Aside from building custom layout components, you may create "view" components which allow you to create custom layouts without extra PHP classes.

use Filament\Forms\Components\View;

This assumes that you have a resources/views/filament/forms/components/wizard.blade.php file.

Custom layout classes

You may create your own custom component classes and views, which you can reuse across your project, and even release as a plugin to the community.

If you're just creating a simple custom component to use once, you could instead use a view component to render any custom Blade file.

To create a custom column class and view, you may use the following command:

php artisan make:form-layout Wizard

This will create the following layout component class:

use Filament\Forms\Components\Component;
class Wizard extends Component
protected string $view = 'filament.forms.components.wizard';
public static function make(): static
return app(static::class);

It will also create a view file at resources/views/filament/forms/components/wizard.blade.php.

Rendering the component's schema

Inside your view, you may render the component's schema() using the $getChildComponentContainer() function:

{{ $getChildComponentContainer() }}

Accessing the Eloquent record

Inside your view, you may access the Eloquent record using the $getRecord() function:

{{ $getRecord()->name }}
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