The elegant TALLkit for Laravel artisans.

Filament is a collection of tools for rapidly building beautiful TALL stack apps, designed for humans.

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What is the TALL stack?

The TALL stack is a set of technologies that full-stack Laravel developers use to build dynamic, maintainable applications quickly

Our Packages

Admin Panel v2

A fully-featured Laravel admin panel.

Build complex and interactive tables, complete with sort, search and filter functionalities, easily.

Craft intuitive forms using a wide range of field types, using our simple, class-based form builder.

Form Builder v2

An intuitive Laravel form builder.

Generate date pickers, searchable select menus, rich text editors and file upload fields with just one line of PHP.

Table Builder v2

An interactive Laravel table builder.

Build custom datatables, complete with sort, search and filter functionalities, with a simple PHP interface.

Notifications v2

Powerful Laravel notifications.

Send beautiful notifications, with animations and the full power of Livewire, using a fluent PHP interface.

...and these are just the beginning.

The Filament community is exceptional. They've built a wide range of plugins, which give you easy access to new features that will make your productivity ✨ shine ✨.

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Filament is open source at heart. To allow us to build new features, fix bugs, and run the community, we require your financial support.

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Here's what others say

"Filament has become one of my required packages for all my new projects. I talk about it almost as much as I talk about Livewire and that is a lot. Thanks for the great work."
Eric Van Johnson Eric Van Johnson
"I’ve built a few Laravel admin tools/sites now with Filament and just have to remark on how well designed it is, and how quickly one can create powerful, friendly application interfaces with it. Impressive stuff."
Chris Hardie Chris Hardie
"6 months ago, @carre_sam recommended Filament. I was put off because I use Vue not Livewire. Just spent 30 minutes with it, and WOW. Definitely pitching this at work!"
Chris Chris
"Filament is the Swiss Army Knife dashboard for TALL stack apps. Just sit down, install and you'll have a full CMS in two shakes."
Jorge González Jorge González
"Big shoutout to Filament for making a really slick admin panel kit. Loving the markdown editor w/ builtin file uploads!"
Daron Spence Daron Spence
"I must say this Filament is amazing and such a pleasure to work with. @danjharrin you and team have done great job."
Jacques van Wyk Jacques van Wyk
"Loving the performance of Filament's datatable, our team at Orba added an Excel export, so smooth 🔥"
Jordan Jones Jordan Jones
"Filament is a GREAT tool for building admin panels in Laravel. It has a great plugin support and an active community. 🚀"
Ralph J. Smit Ralph J. Smit
"Filament is a great CMS solution for both technical and non-technical users, and the fluent API is a developer's dream!"
Lars Klopstra Lars Klopstra
"What else can you wish for? Filament rocks! This will be my first choice when creating adminpanels for clients from this day and forward."
Andreas Kviby Andreas Kviby
"I absolutely love developing with TALL stack. Filament is going to save a lot of time with the overall development process!!"
Adam Lee Adam Lee
"I just started using Filament by Dan Harrin, Ryan Chandler and Ryan Scherler. I am really impressed. Thank you for that great tool."
Dominik Geimer Dominik Geimer
"Filament is a joy to work with. Just about covers most use cases for an admin panel in Laravel. Great job."
Jimmy Aldape Jimmy Aldape
"The highlight of the weekend: managed to start a new project using Filament and I love it."
Matteo Mangoni Matteo Mangoni
"Filament is a very fun framework to play with so far. The support is very accurate and fast. 😍"
Romaldy Minaya Romaldy Minaya
"Today I installed and played with Filament. Seems to be an amazing tool for productivity."
Dumitru Botezatu Dumitru Botezatu
"We chose Filament and clients love it. It is consistent and clean so the learning curve is better."
nKornel nKornel
"Today I tried Filament, and oh my God, that's fantastic! Amazing! Great job."
Luis Andrés Arce C. Luis Andrés Arce C.
"Filament's admin is, by far, my favorite Laravel tool at the moment. Found my gateway drug into Livewire"
Nick Ciolpan Nick Ciolpan
"The more I look at it, the closer it is to being able to build a full SaaS with Filament alone."
Sam Snelling Sam Snelling
"Release the hounds!!! This project is going to be my new go-to for all back-end work!!! So Excited!"
Roni Estein Roni Estein
"👍 been using it today and I’ve got to say it's brilliant."
Artisan Labs Artisan Labs
"Hot damn Filament saves sooooo much time."
Alex Justesen Alex Justesen
"An awesome Open-Source Admin panel with TALL stack. 👏👏"
Tiago Rodrigues Tiago Rodrigues
"Just installed and had a play. Really great job."
Dave Walker Dave Walker
"Filament is damn smooth."
Danilo Polani Danilo Polani
"Filament was a joy to use."
Mo Khosh Mo Khosh

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