Broadcast notifications

To start, make sure the package is installed - @livewire('notifications') should be in your Blade layout somewhere.

By default, Filament will send flash notifications via the Laravel session. However, you may wish that your notifications are "broadcast" to a user in real-time, instead. This could be used to send a temporary success notification from a queued job after it has finished processing.

We have a native integration with Laravel Echo. Make sure Echo is installed, as well as a server-side websockets integration like Pusher.

Sending notifications

There are several ways to send broadcast notifications, depending on which one suits you best.

You may use our fluent API:

use Filament\Notifications\Notification;
$recipient = auth()->user();
->title('Saved successfully')

Or, use the notify() method:

use Filament\Notifications\Notification;
$recipient = auth()->user();
->title('Saved successfully')

Alternatively, use a traditional Laravel notification class by returning the notification from the toBroadcast() method:

use App\Models\User;
use Filament\Notifications\Notification;
use Illuminate\Notifications\Messages\BroadcastMessage;
public function toBroadcast(User $notifiable): BroadcastMessage
return Notification::make()
->title('Saved successfully')
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