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Getting started

Filament allows you to create completely custom pages for the admin panel.

Creating a page

To create a new page, you can use:

php artisan make:filament-page Settings

This command will create two files - a page class in the /Pages directory of the Filament directory, and a view in the /pages directory of the Filament views directory.

Page classes are all full-page Livewire components with a few extra utilities you can use with the admin panel.

Conditionally hiding pages in navigation

You can prevent pages from appearing in the menu by overriding the shouldRegisterNavigation() method in your Page class. This is useful if you want to control which users can see the page in the sidebar.

protected static function shouldRegisterNavigation(): bool
return auth()->user()->canManageSettings();

Please be aware that all users will still be able to visit this page through its direct URL, so to fully limit access you must also also check in the mount() method of the page:

public function mount(): void
abort_unless(auth()->user()->canManageSettings(), 403);


Filament will automatically generate a title, navigation label and URL (slug) for your page based on its name. You may override it using static properties of your page class:

protected static ?string $title = 'Custom Page Title';
protected static ?string $navigationLabel = 'Custom Navigation Label';
protected static ?string $slug = 'custom-url-slug';

You may also specify a custom header and footer view for any page. You may return them from the getHeader() and getFooter() methods:

use Illuminate\Contracts\View\View;
protected function getHeader(): View
return view('filament.settings.custom-header');
protected function getFooter(): View
return view('filament.settings.custom-footer');
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