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Global search allows you to search across all of your resource records, from anywhere in the admin panel.


To enable global search on your model, you must set a title attribute for your resource:

protected static ?string $recordTitleAttribute = 'title';

This attribute is used to retrieve the search result title for that record.

Note: Your resource needs to have an Edit or View page to allow the global search results to link to a URL, otherwise no results will be returned for this resource.

You may customize the title further by overriding getGlobalSearchResultTitle() method:

public static function getGlobalSearchResultTitle(Model $record): string
return $record->name;

If you would like to search across multiple columns of your resource, you may override the getGloballySearchableAttributes() method. "Dot-syntax" allows you to search inside of relationships:

public static function getGloballySearchableAttributes(): array
return ['title', 'slug', '', ''];


Search results can display "details" below their title, which gives the user more information about the record. To enable this feature, you must override the getGlobalSearchResultDetails() method:

public static function getGlobalSearchResultDetails(Model $record): array
return [
'Author' => $record->author->name,
'Category' => $record->category->name,

In this example, the category and author of the record will be displayed below its title in the search result. However, the category and author relationships will be lazy-loaded, which will result in poor results performance. To eager-load these relationships, we must override the getGlobalSearchEloquentQuery() method:

protected static function getGlobalSearchEloquentQuery(): Builder
return parent::getGlobalSearchEloquentQuery()->with(['author', 'category']);


Global search results will link to the Edit page of your resource, or the View page if the user does not have edit permissions. To customize this, you may override the getGlobalSearchResultUrl() method and return a route of your choice:

public static function getGlobalSearchResultUrl(Model $record): string
return UserResource::getUrl('edit', ['record' => $record]);


Global search support actions that render a button or link which may open a URL or emit a Livewire event. Actions will render as link by default, but you may configure it to render a button using the button() method.

Actions can be defined as follows:

use Filament\GlobalSearch\Actions\Action;
public static function getGlobalSearchResultActions(Model $record): array
return [
->url(static::getUrl('edit', ['record' => $record])),
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