Filament comes with a "table" widget template, which you can use to display a table of data without needing to write a custom view.

Start by creating a widget with the command:

php artisan make:filament-widget LatestOrders --table

Then update the getTableQuery() and getTableColumns() methods to return the data query and columns you want to display:

namespace App\Filament\Widgets;
use App\Models\Order;
use Closure;
use Filament\Tables;
use Filament\Widgets\TableWidget as BaseWidget;
use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Builder;
class LatestOrders extends BaseWidget
protected function getTableQuery(): Builder
return Order::query()->latest();
protected function getTableColumns(): array
return [

Now, check out your widget in the dashboard.

Table widgets support all features of the Table Builder, including filters and actions.

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