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Custom pages

Filament allows you to create completely custom pages for resources. To create a new page, you can use:

php artisan make:filament-page SortUsers --resource=UserResource --type=custom

This command will create two files - a page class in the /Pages directory of your resource directory, and a view in the /pages directory of the resource views directory.

You must register custom pages to a route in the static getPages() method of your resource:

public static function getPages(): array
return [
// ...
'sort' => Pages\SortUsers::route('/sort'),

Please note that the order of pages registered in this method matters - any wildcard route segments that are defined before hard-coded ones will be matched by Laravel's router first.

Any parameters defined in the route's path will be available to the page class, in an identical way to Livewire.

To generate a URL for a resource route, you may call the static getUrl() method on the resource class:

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