Admin Panel


Sending notifications

The admin panel uses the Notifications package to send messages to users.

Please read the documentation to discover how to send notifications easily.

However, there are a few differences in configuration when using the admin panel.

Database notifications

Instead of enabling database notifications inside the notifications package, you must enable it for the admin panel specifically.

First, you must publish the configuration file for the admin panel.

Now, enable database notifications:

'database_notifications' => [
'enabled' => true,
// ...

You may also control polling:

'database' => [
'enabled' => true,
'polling_interval' => '30s',
// ...


Some features of the notifications package, including receiving real-time database notifications and broadcast notifications, require Laravel Echo to be installed.

Firstly, you must set up a server-side websockets integration like Pusher.

Then, define your Echo configuration within the admin panel configuration file:

'broadcasting' => [
'echo' => [
'broadcaster' => 'pusher',
'key' => env('VITE_PUSHER_APP_KEY'),
'cluster' => env('VITE_PUSHER_APP_CLUSTER'),
'forceTLS' => true,
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