Introducing Filament
Build a
Beautiful & Powerful
Laravel Admin Panel In Minutes.
Filament is a full-stack UI framework built using the TALL stack, which gives you a set of interactive pre-built components that are perfect for building your next CMS or administration area.
Filament has served users with over 10 million downloads across all packages.
Our components are versatile, customizable, and a great fit for your next project.
Fully featured, simply intuitive and insanely attractive: the ultimate Livewire admin panel.
Form Builder
Easily build stunning Livewire-powered forms with over 25 components out of the box.
Filament Form Builder
Table Builder
Craft beautiful, optimized, and interactive Livewire-powered data tables for any situation.
Filament Table Builder
Notify your users of important events by delivering real-time messages using Livewire.
Filament Notifications
Open interactive modals & slide-overs. a great way to keep the user in the flow of the application.
Filament Actions
Infolist Builder
Display read-only information to users about a particular record, with a fully flexible layout.
Filament Infolist Builder
Build a dashboard for your application, complete with real-time charts and stats.
Filament Widgets
Plugins, plugins, plugins...
Filament has an extensive ecosystem of official and third party plugins, which are easily installable as Composer packages
The possibilities are endless
If you’re building something big, whether it’s a SaaS app or an online shop, and you need multiple "admin" panels, with multi-tenant teams and a billing integration, we’ve got everything you’ll needl!
Turn your panel into a SaaS
You can have as many panels as you want!
Admin Panel
SaaS Panel
Allow users to join teams
and collaborate with others
Filament has a suite of features for building multi-tenant apps
Customer Support
SaaS Features
Team Switching
Team Management
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Ready to take off?
Give Filament a try, and we bet that you'll be amazed in the first few minutes.