Easily add kanban board pages to your Filament panels.
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Easily add Kanban board pages to your Filament panels.

Customized kanban board views

Customized edit modal

Cards with progress indicator

Another example by @Log1x


You can install the package via composer:

composer require mokhosh/filament-kanban

Publish the assets so the styles are correct:

php artisan filament-kanban:install

#Before You Start

Important: You should have some Model with a status column. This column can be called status in the database or anything else.

I'm also assuming there's a title column on your model, but you can have name or any other column to represent a title.

I recommend you create a string backed Enum to define your statuses.

You can use our IsKanbanStatus trait, so you can easily transform your enum cases for the Kanban board using the statuses method on your enum.

use Mokhosh\FilamentKanban\Concerns\IsKanbanStatus;
enum UserStatus: string
use IsKanbanStatus;
case User = 'User';
case Admin = 'Admin';

I recommend you cast the status attribute on your Model to the enum that you have created.

💡 Tip: I also recommend you use the Spatie Eloquent Sortable package on your Model, and we will magically add sorting abilities to your Kanban boards.


You can create a new Kanban board called UsersKanbanBoard using this artisan command:

php artisan make:kanban UsersKanbanBoard

This creates a good starting point for your Kanban board. You can customize the Kanban board to your liking.

You should override the model property, so we can load your records.

protected static string $model = User::class;

You should also override the statusEnum property, which defines your statuses.

protected static string $statusEnum = UserStatus::class;

#Upgrade Guide

If you have version 1.x on your application, and you want to upgrade to version 2.x, here is your checklist:

  • [ ] You need to override $model and $statusEnum as mentioned in the last part
  • [ ] If you have published kanban-record.blade.php view, you can use $record as a Model instance instead of an array.
  • [ ] If you're overriding KanbanBoard methods just to do the default behaviour, you can safely remove them now. You should be able to get away with overriding 0 methods, if you don't have special requirements 🥳

#Advanced Usage

You can override the records method, to customize how the records or items that you want to see on your board are retrieved.

protected function records(): Collection
return User::where('role', 'admin')->get();

If you don't want to define an Enum for your statuses, or you have a special logic for retrieving your statuses, you can override the statuses method:

protected function statuses(): Collection
return [
['id' => 'user', 'title' => 'User'],
['id' => 'admin', 'title' => 'Admin'],

You can also override these methods to change your board's behavior when records are dragged and dropped:

  • onStatusChanged which defines what happens when a record is moved between statuses.
  • onSortChanged which defines what happens when a record is moved inside the same status.
public function onStatusChanged(int $recordId, string $status, array $fromOrderedIds, array $toOrderedIds): void
User::find($recordId)->update(['status' => $status]);
public function onSortChanged(int $recordId, string $status, array $orderedIds): void

#Customizing the Status Enum

If you add IsKanbanStatus to your status Enum, this trait adds a static statuses() method to your enum that will return the statuses defined in your enum in the appropriate format.

If you don't want all cases of your enum to be present on the board, you can override this method and return a subset of cases:

public static function kanbanCases(): array
return [

IsKanbanStatus uses the value of your cases for the title of your statuses. You can customize how the title is retrieved as well:

public function getTitle(): string
return __($this->label());

#Edit modal

#Disabling the modal

Edit modal is enabled by default, and you can show it by clicking on records.

If you need to disable the edit modal override this property:

public bool $disableEditModal = false;

#Edit modal form schema

You can define the edit modal form schema by overriding this method:

protected function getEditModalFormSchema(null|int $recordId): array
return [

As you can see you have access to the id of the record being edited, if that's helpful in building your schema.

#Customizing edit form submit action

You can define what happens when the edit form is submitted by overriding this method:

protected function editRecord($recordId, array $data, array $state): void
'phone' => $data['phone']

The data array contains the form data, and the state array contains the full record data.

#Customizing modal's appearance

You can customize modal's title, size and the labels for save and cancel buttons, or use Filament's slide-over instead of a modal:

protected string $editModalTitle = 'Edit Record';
protected string $editModalWidth = '2xl';
protected string $editModalSaveButtonLabel = 'Save';
protected string $editModalCancelButtonLabel = 'Cancel';
protected bool $editModalSlideOver = true;


#Changing the navigation icon

protected static ?string $navigationIcon = 'heroicon-o-document-text';

#Changing the model property that's used as the title

protected static string $recordTitleAttribute = 'title';

#Changing the model property that's used as the status

protected static string $recordStatusAttribute = 'status';

#Customizing views

You can publish the views using this artisan command:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag="filament-kanban-views"

I recommend you delete the files that you don't intend to customize and keep the ones you want to change. This way you will get any possible future updates for the original views.

The above method will replace the views for all Kanban boards in your applications.

Alternatively, you might want to change views for one of your boards. You can override each view by overriding these properties:

protected static string $view = 'filament-kanban::kanban-board';
protected static string $headerView = 'filament-kanban::kanban-header';
protected static string $recordView = 'filament-kanban::kanban-record';
protected static string $statusView = 'filament-kanban::kanban-status';
protected static string $scriptsView = 'filament-kanban::kanban-scripts';

#Flashing Recently Updated Records

You get some visual feedback when a record has been just updated.

If you're also using Spatie Eloquent Sortable you might experience all records being flashed at the same time. This is because Eloquent Sortable updates the order_column of all models when the sort changes. In order to fix that, publish their config and set ignore_timestamps to true.

#Video Tutorial

Are you a visual learner? I have created some Youtube videos to get you started with the package:

⚠️ Warning: These videos are recorded with version 1.x of the package. It is now much simpler to use the package, and requires much less code from you.

Hopefully, version 2.x is simple enough to not require videos, but you can still learn a thing or two from these.

Creating a Kanban Board in FilamentPHP using filament-kanban: Part 1, Basic setup

Creating a Kanban Board in FilamentPHP: Part 2, Sorting Records with Spatie Eloquent Sortable

Creating a Kanban Board in FilamentPHP: Part 3, Multiple Kanban boards per model and customizations

Create a Kanban Task Management App in 15 Minutes: Part 4, Create and Edit Actions

Create a Kanban Task Management App with FilamentPHP: Part 5, Customize the Views

Create a Kanban Task Management App with FilamentPHP: Part 6, Customize the Theme

Create a Kanban Task Management App with FilamentPHP: Part 7, Custom Views per Kanban Board

#Demos and Examples


composer test


Please see CHANGELOG for more information on what has changed recently.


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.

#Security Vulnerabilities

Please review our security policy on how to report security vulnerabilities.


  • [ ] remove deprecated recently updated trait
  • [ ] stop passing record to view for recordClick
  • [ ] use filament actions for edit modal



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

Mo Khosh

I've been tinkering around with computers for almost 30 years. I'm currently enjoying the TALL stack plus Filament as my goto development stack. mysadaqa is one of the websites I created using the TALL stack.

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