Quickly navigate your Filament Resources with Spotlight functionality.
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Dark theme support
Multi language support
Compatible with the latest version
Supported versions: 2.x - 3.x


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Quickly navigate your Filament Resources with Spotlight functionality.

Supports pages, resources and links from the user menu.


Plugin Version Filament Version PHP Version
0.x 2.x > 8.0
1.x 3.x > 8.1
composer require pxlrbt/filament-spotlight


Publish the assets (Filament > 3)

php artisan filament:assets

#Plugin registration

To use this plugin register it in your panel configuration:

use pxlrbt\FilamentSpotlight\SpotlightPlugin;


There is no configuration needed.

"its genius"

  – Dan Harrin

To open the Spotlight input bar you can use one of the following shortcuts:

CTRL + /
CMD + /


This plugin relies on the same properties and methods used for Filament's global search. For records showing up with the correct name in "Edit/View" you need to set $recordTitleAttribute. Check the docs for more information

#Excluding pages

If you need to exclude a page from the spotlight results you may do so by adding a static shouldRegisterSpotlight method to the page and return false:

public static function shouldRegisterSpotlight(): bool
return false;

This can be useful when you have pages that require URL parameters.


To translate or edit the default placeholder, you have to publish the translation file for wire-element/spotlight:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=livewire-ui-spotlight-translations


If you want to contribute to this packages, you may want to test it in a real Filament project:

  • Fork this repository to your GitHub account.
  • Create a Filament app locally.
  • Clone your fork in your Filament app's root directory.
  • In the /filament-spotlight directory, create a branch for your fix, e.g. fix/error-message.

Install the packages in your app's composer.json:

"require": {
"pxlrbt/filament-spotlight": "dev-fix/error-message as main-dev",
"repositories": [
"type": "path",
"url": "filament-spotlight"

Now, run composer update.


Dennis Koch

Dennis, a Filament core-team member, is dedicated to delivering high-quality plugins for your Filament projects. He is a freelance full-stack developer who works on several Laravel projects either individually or as part of small teams. In his work, he utilizes both Livewire and Inertia.

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