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Add a Filament page that nicely shows your spatie/laravel-activitylog.
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This package adds a page to the Filament Admin panel to view the activity log generated by spatie/laravel-activitylog.



Plugin Version Filament Version PHP Version
0.1.x 2.x > 8.0
1.x 3.x > 8.1

Install via Composer.

Requires PHP 8.0 and Filament 2.0

composer require pxlrbt/filament-activity-log

Warning This plugin only offers a page to show activities related to your model. You need spatie/laravel-activitylog installed and configured for it to work. It is important you are using the LogsActivity trait as per Spatie's docs for this work as we use the '->activities()' method of the trait.


Make sure you use a custom theme and the vendor folder for this plugins is published, so that it includes the Tailwind CSS classes.

#Create a page

Create the page inside your resources Pages/ directory. Replace UserResource with your resource.

namespace App\Filament\Resources\UserResource\Pages;
use pxlrbt\FilamentActivityLog\Pages\ListActivities;
class ListUserActivities extends ListActivities
protected static string $resource = UserResource::class;

#Register the page

Add the page to your resource's getPages() method.

public static function getPages(): array
return [
'index' => Pages\ListUsers::route('/'),
'create' => Pages\CreateUser::route('/create'),
'activities' => Pages\ListUserActivities::route('/{record}/activities'),
'edit' => Pages\EditUser::route('/{record}/edit'),

#Link to your page

Use a Filament action to link to your from your table or page.

Action::make('activities')->url(fn ($record) => YourResource::getUrl('activities', ['record' => $record]))


If you want to contribute to this packages, you may want to test it in a real Filament project:

  • Fork this repository to your GitHub account.
  • Create a Filament app locally.
  • Clone your fork in your Filament app's root directory.
  • In the /filament-activity-log directory, create a branch for your fix, e.g. fix/error-message.

Install the packages in your app's composer.json:

"require": {
"pxlrbt/filament-activity-log": "dev-fix/error-message as main-dev",
"repositories": [
"type": "path",
"url": "filament-activity-log"

Now, run composer update.

Dennis Koch

Dennis, a Filament core-team member, is dedicated to delivering high-quality plugins for your Filament projects. He is a freelance full-stack developer who works on several Laravel projects either individually or as part of small teams. In his work, he utilizes both Livewire and Inertia.

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