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By default, Filament will register navigation items for each of your resources and custom pages. These classes contain static properties that you can override, to configure that navigation item and its order:

public static $icon = 'heroicon-o-document-text';
public static $navigationLabel = 'Custom Navigation Label';
public static $navigationSort = 3;

The $icon supports the name of any Blade component, and passes a set of formatting classes to it. By default, the Blade Heroicons package is installed, so you may use the name of any Heroicon out of the box. However, you may create your own custom icon components or install an alternative library if you wish.

Alternatively, you may completely override the static navigationItems() method on the class and register as many custom navigation items as you require:

use Filament\NavigationItem;
public static function navigationItems()
return [
NavigationItem::make($label, $url)
->icon($icon = 'heroicon-o-document-text')
->sort($sort = 0),
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