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Filament allows you to build dynamic custom dashboard widgets very easily. To get started building a Stats widget:

php artisan make:filament-widget Stats

This command will create two files - a widget class in the /Widgets directory of the Filament directory, and a view in the /widgets directory of the Filament views directory.

Widgets are pure Laravel Livewire components, so may use any features of that package.

Pre-built widget templates are coming soon. For more information, please see our Development Roadmap.

Disabling the Default Widgets

By default, two widgets are displayed on the dashboard. These widgets can be disabled by updating the widgets section of the configuration file. Updating each entries to false will remove the corresponding default widget from the dashboard.

'widgets' => [
// ...
'default' => [
'account' => false, // Disables the account widget.
'info' => false, // Disables the info widget.
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