If you're looking for dedicated help with your Filament project, we're here for you. Whether you're a solo developer or running a large company, we provide support and development services that fit your needs.
Dan Harrin
Dan Harrin
Creator of Filament
Dan leads the Filament project from Cardiff, United Kingdom. He works for Kirschbaum as a Lead Developer, which is a Laravel-partnered agency full of Filament and Laravel experts. Dan and the rest of the Kirschbaum team are ready to take on your projects, whatever the size!
Zep Fietje
Zep Fietje
Lead UI Designer & Developer
Zep is the lead UI designer of Filament and founder of Whizzy. In addition to his design skills, he brings a wealth of development experience to the Filament team. He's based in Eindhoven, Netherlands, and is available to answer your support questions about Filament, on a one-off or recurring basis.
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As Laravel experts, we get products and services to market quickly while anticipating the need to scale and change as business requirements evolve. The companies we work with appreciate our ability to work seamlessly with their technical and nontechnical teams.
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Dan Harrin
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