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Theme Color Switcher

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by Jonathan SARDO • 8 stars

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An easy way to change Filament theme colors on the fly.

This library allows to assign dinamically a primary and a secondary color to the theme.


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Theme Color Switcher

Easy way to change filament theme color on the fly.

In some projects, it is interesting to be able to change the main colors of a theme.

For example, if you manage several tenants, you may want to assign different colors to each tenant. Or maybe depending on the user's role, you want a different theme color.

This library allows to assign a primary and a secondary color to the theme.


You can install the package via composer:

composer require uccellolabs/filament-theme-color


Since Filament's styles are compiled in a CSS file, it is not easy to modify the colors of the theme.

So we will create a palette made of CSS variables instead of colors.

Then, we will just have to update the CSS variables so that the colors change automatically.

Create a custom theme

We will start by following the instructions to create a custom theme for Filament.

You can do it by following the instructions here: https://filamentphp.com/docs/2.x/admin/appearance#building-themes

Configure theme colors

Modify the tailwind.config.js file as follows to use CSS variables instead of colors:

module.exports = {
// ...
theme: {
extend: {
colors: {
primary: {
50: "rgb(var(--theme-primary-color-var-50) / <alpha-value>)",
100: "rgb(var(--theme-primary-color-var-100) / <alpha-value>)",
200: "rgb(var(--theme-primary-color-var-200) / <alpha-value>)",
300: "rgb(var(--theme-primary-color-var-300) / <alpha-value>)",
400: "rgb(var(--theme-primary-color-var-400) / <alpha-value>)",
500: "rgb(var(--theme-primary-color-var-500) / <alpha-value>)",
600: "rgb(var(--theme-primary-color-var-600) / <alpha-value>)",
700: "rgb(var(--theme-primary-color-var-700) / <alpha-value>)",
800: "rgb(var(--theme-primary-color-var-800) / <alpha-value>)",
900: "rgb(var(--theme-primary-color-var-900) / <alpha-value>)",
secondary: {
50: "rgb(var(--theme-secondary-color-var-50) / <alpha-value>)",
100: "rgb(var(--theme-secondary-color-var-100) / <alpha-value>)",
200: "rgb(var(--theme-secondary-color-var-200) / <alpha-value>)",
300: "rgb(var(--theme-secondary-color-var-300) / <alpha-value>)",
400: "rgb(var(--theme-secondary-color-var-400) / <alpha-value>)",
500: "rgb(var(--theme-secondary-color-var-500) / <alpha-value>)",
600: "rgb(var(--theme-secondary-color-var-600) / <alpha-value>)",
700: "rgb(var(--theme-secondary-color-var-700) / <alpha-value>)",
800: "rgb(var(--theme-secondary-color-var-800) / <alpha-value>)",
900: "rgb(var(--theme-secondary-color-var-900) / <alpha-value>)",
// ...

Then run the npm run dev command to compile the new theme.

The package uses the palettey library which allows to generate a palette from a simple color.


It is now possible to easily change the colors of the theme.

To do so, modify the app/Providers/AppServiceProvider.php file as follows:

public function boot()
// ...
Filament::serving(function () {
// ...
$primaryColor = '#FF8834'; // For example, put your tenant primary color here
$secondaryColor = '#BBAA87'; // For example, put your tenant secondary color here
new HtmlString('<meta name="theme-primary-color" id="theme-primary-color" content="' . $primaryColor . '">' .
'<meta name="theme-secondary-color" id="theme-secondary-color" content="' . $secondaryColor . '">'),

You can now use all the primary and secondary colors of the generated palettes:

<button class="bg-primary-200">Click me</button>
<span class="text-secondary-500">I'm awesome!</span>

If you want to do a live preview, it is possible to change the color with a custom event.

const event = new CustomEvent("change-theme-color", {
detail: { primaryColor: "#ff0000", secondaryColor: "#558899" },

It is also possible to do it from Livewire :

$this->dispatchBrowserEvent('change-theme-color', ['primaryColor' => '#ff0000', 'secondaryColor' => '#558899']);