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  • "Title With Slug" Input - Easy Permalink Slugs

"Title With Slug" Input - Easy Permalink Slugs

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by camya • 41 stars

Form builder Field Admin panel

The TitleWithSlugInput component allows for easy editing of titles and slugs, just like in the classic WordPress Title & Slug implementation.


#title-with-slug-permalink on Discord






The TitleWithSlugInput component for the Filament Form Builder allows to edit titles and slugs easily.

It is inspired by the classic WordPress title & slug implementation.

The plugin is fully configurable. You can change all labels, use your own slugifier, use a route() to generate the "View" link, hide the host name, and many more. Read the full documentation

Watch the » Demo Video «

You can install the package via composer:

composer require camya/filament-title-with-slug

Use it in your Filament Resource:

fieldTitle: 'title', // The name of the field in your model that stores the title.
fieldSlug: 'slug', // The name of the field in your model that will store the slug.

The plugin is complete configurable. Read the full documentation


Visit the GitHub Repository for all details.