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Avatar provider

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by Hatim El Oufir • 4 stars

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This package provides a complete and customizable User Avatar provider for your Filament project, and also for any project using a User Model.


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You can install the package via composer:

composer require devaslanphp/filament-avatar

Optionally: You can publish the package config file:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=filament-avatar-config

After you installed the package the only thing you need to do is to change the filament default_avatar_provider configuration to use FilamentUserAvatarProvider avatar provider:

// ...
'default_avatar_provider' => \Devaslanphp\FilamentAvatar\Core\FilamentUserAvatarProvider::class,
// ...

That's it, Filament now will use the Avatar provider provided by this package.


The configuration file of this package comes like below:

return [
| This value is the provider to use when generating the user's avatar url
'default_provider' => 'ui-avatar',
| This value is the definition of the different avatar providers
'providers' => [
// UI Avatar provider (https://ui-avatars.com/)
'ui-avatar' => [
// Class used to generate the user avatar
'class' => \Devaslanphp\FilamentAvatar\Core\UiAvatarsProvider::class,
// UI Avatar source url
'url' => 'https://ui-avatars.com/api/',
// User's field used to generate avatar
'name_field' => 'name',
// Color used in url text color
'text_color' => 'FFFFFF',
// Background color used if the 'dynamic_bg_color' flag is false
'bg_color' => '111827',
// If 'true' the provider will generate a dynamic 'bg_color' based on user's name
'dynamic_bg_color' => true,
// HSL ranges
// You can change them as you like to adapt the dynamic background color
'hRange' => [0, 360],
'sRange' => [50, 75],
'lRange' => [25, 60],
// Gravatar provider (https://gravatar.com)
'gravatar' => [
// Class used to generate the user avatar
'class' => \Devaslanphp\FilamentAvatar\Core\GravatarProvider::class,
// Gravatar source url
'url' => 'https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/',
// User's field used to generate avatar
'name_field' => 'email'

I think it's well documented, I will let you check it.

Custom provider

If you want to add your personalized avatar provider, Follow the below steps:

  1. Create a PHP class that implements a function get(Model $user): string (you can check \Devaslanphp\FilamentAvatar\Core\GravatarProvider)
  2. Add a new provider to config('filament-avatar.providers'), with class parameter where you will put your custom class (you can check the configuration file to make the same)
  3. Update the config('filament.default_avatar_provider') with your provider name

And that's it.

Pro tip

This package can be used outside of Filament too, you can add the trait Devaslanphp\FilamentAvatar\Core\HasAvatarUrl to your user model.

This trait will give you access to an appended attribute avatarUrl generated by the avatar provider, then you can use it as a src of your images.