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Access and Menu Management

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by alan lam • 3 stars

Admin panel Authentication Authorization Spatie

This is an authentication plugin provides a way to manage users, roles, permissions, and Menu in a Filament Admin application.


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Auth Admin Plugin for Filament Admin with Laravel-Permission

The Auth Admin Plugin is a powerful authentication plugin designed specifically for use with Filament Admin and Laravel-Permission. With this plugin, you can easily manage roles, permissions, and menus all in one package.

This plugin binds all page routes to their corresponding permissions automatically. If a permission is not allowed, an authentication error will be displayed. This makes it easy to ensure that only authorized users can access specific pages and features within your application.



  1. You can install the package via composer:

    composer require solution-forest/filament-access-management
  2. Add the necessary trait to your User model:

    use SolutionForest\FilamentAccessManagement\Concerns\FilamentUser;
    class User extends Authenticatable
    use FilamentUser;
  3. Clear your config cache:

    php artisan optimize:clear
    # or
    php artisan config:clear
  4. Then execute the following commands:

    php artisan filament-access-management:install

    If you don't already have a user named admin, this command creates a Super Admin User with the following credentials:

    • Name: admin
    • E-mail address: admin@("slug" pattern from config("app.name")).com
    • Password: admin

    You can also create the super admin user with:

    php artisan make:super-admin-user
  5. In your config/app.php place this code in you providers section

    'providers' => [
    * Package Service Providers...

Publish Configs, Views, Translations and Migrations

You can publish the configs, views, translations and migrations with:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag="filament-access-management-config"
php artisan vendor:publish --tag="filament-access-management-views"
php artisan vendor:publish --tag="filament-access-management-translations"
php artisan vendor:publish --tag="filament-access-management-migrations"


php artisan migrate


Upon installation, "Menu", "Users", "Roles" and "Permissions" pages will be created. Each user have roles and each role have permissions.


Manage Menu: image

Manage Users and their roles: image image

Manage Roles and their permissions: image image

Manage Permissions: image image

Create super admin user:

php artisan make:super-admin-user

Check permission:

# Check by permission's name
# Check by http_path

Get current user:


Advance Usage

In default, the menu created will co-exist with the original menu of filament. To override the original menu with the menu from this package, modify /config/filament-access-management.php as following:

  1. Set filament.navigation.enabled => true
'filament' => [
'navigation' => [
* Using db based filament navigation if true.
'enabled' => true,
* Table name db based filament navigation.
'table_name' => 'filament_menu',
* Filament Menu Model.
'model' => Models\Menu::class,


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The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.